About United E-Motor

The success story of UNITED began in 1991 with the establishment of a bicycle factory that produces bicycles. For more than 30 years, pedal bikes have been manufactured by two large factories situated on a 70,000 m2 land to meet both domestic and international market demands. UNITED is a 100% Indonesian brand that prioritizes the highest quality products and warranties. Innovative and committed to environmental conservation, it has an independent Research and Product Development Division, creating premium products with cutting-edge technology.

Now, UNITED has expanded its product line to include electric motorbikes under the brand United E-Motor, with PT Terang Dunia Internusa (TDI) serving as the brand holder agent .

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Releases Several Variants of Electric Motorcycles

On December 12, 2020, Terang Dunia Internusa (TDI) officially introduced the new product UNITED E-MOTOR, namely the UNITED T1800. An electric motorcycle with a stylish concept, cool exterior appearance, and instills confidence in riders for high mobility in urban environments. In the following years, United E-Motor released the TX Series with improved performance and the more economical electric motorcycle MX-1200

Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Development

United E-Motor continues to innovate and enhance the functionalities of electric vehicles by connecting the vehicle units to mobile devices. The U-Key application was released in 2022 to provide added value to users. All functions of electric motorcycle control, security, usage history, reports, and many other advanced features have been successfully applied by employing IoT technology.

Expanding Dealer Network

United E-Motor is becoming more accessible in various cities throughout Indonesia as the number of dealerships increases. The goal is to have Authorized Stores and a network of dealers in every city of each province

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