United Motor welcomes your interest in becoming an Authorized StoreĀ 


Founded in 2019 and part of United Bike, one of the largest bicycle principals in Indonesia. United E-motor stands to make people mobilities more easier, more quality, and beneficial for the earth environment.

Available Investment

Dealer / Investor

Providing the widest opportunity for potential investors in conducting dealership cooperation which we call a store-ship agreement with us as the principal of United E-Motor in Indonesia, this collaboration provides an opportunity for you to become part of Authorized Stores throughout Indonesia according to the Store classification. You can carry out the function of serving the entire Sales, Service, & Spare Part Store process.


Provide the widest opportunity for entrepreneurs/business-man people in conducting sales collaborations which we call subsites with our existing Authorized United E-Motor Store. You become part of our partner in remote areas throughout Indonesia and create opportunities for you to carry out our electric vehicle sales activities.


If you intend to cooperate as a United E-Motor dealer or invest with United E-Motor Indonesia and to get more information about us, please fill out the form below, we will guarantee the confidentiality of your data.