The Most Affordable Electric Motorcycle in Indonesia, NOW AVAILABLE IN A NEW COLOR!

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The United MX-1200, an electric vehicle powered by a 72V electric motor with a top power of 2200W, has now added a new color option: Midnight Blue. This color is both impressive and unique. Under bright lighting conditions, such as during the day, the ultraviolet light effect causes the body color of this electric motorcycle to appear as a “deep green”, but in certain areas, it displays a bluer tone. Especially in darker areas or at night, the United MX 1200 will appear dominantly blue, hence we named the color Midnight Blue because it displays a bluer shade at night.

In terms of specifications, this new color MX 1200 has not undergone any changes. It features a 72V21.8Ah Sealed Lead Acid battery that enables the electric motorcycle to travel at speeds of up to 65 km/h* and cover a distance of up to 80 km* on a single charge. The United MX-1200 boasts a modern, stylish design tailored for urban-active lifestyles, equipped with a spacious motorbike trunk for convenient storage, making it perfect for the dynamic and confident urban population.

*) Maximum speed and travel distance may vary due to factors such as load, battery level, and road elevation


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Electric motorcycle recommendations:

The MX1200 is equipped with a full Digital Panel Display that offers a minimalist yet modern appearance. LED & DRL Lights: A futuristic design that is brighter, long-lasting, and requires minimal maintenance. Similar to the standard of minimal electric motorcycle keys from United, the MX 1200 utilizes Keyless/Remote Start/Sop, enabling operation without the need for a physical key (keyless), thereby making operation easier.

Another interesting aspect of the United MX 1200 is the spacious lower deck area, allowing for easy transportation of numerous items, making it one of the most striking advantages of the MX 1200. It also includes a Reverse Mode feature, facilitating the rider when reversing the vehicle by pulling the gas lever. Speaking of the dimensions of the United MX 1200 electric motorcycle, it measures a length of 1,750 mm, width of 670 mm, and height of 1,065 mm, with a rated power hub drive motor of 1,200 watts.


United MX 1200: The Most Affordable EV Motorcycle in 2023

The MX 1200 requires approximately 5 hours for a full charge. This electric motorcycle is the most affordable type from United. It’s sold for around IDR 15.8 million (OTR Jakarta), making it accessible to everyone, especially with an incentive subsidy of 7 million from the government. With a design resembling the Honda Beat, it’s suited for urban-active style, ideal for accompanying daily activities for the super busy electric motorcycle rider.

The MX-1200 has also received an award as The Most Affordable EV Motorcycle at the Indonesia International Motor Show. It’s recognized as the most cost-effective electric motorcycle, offering good value for money. Check out all the MX 1200 product details on the product page.