United E-Motor Ready for Export, These Are the Target Countries

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United E-Motor is set to export its electric motorcycles abroad in the near future. In addition to focusing on the domestic market, United E-Motor is also targeting the international market. PT Terang Dunia Internusa (PT TDI), the manufacturer of United E-Motor electric motorcycles, is ready to send units to Malaysia.

As explained by the General Manager of PT TDI, Andry Dwinanda, ‘We have signed a cooperation agreement with a company in Malaysia to become the distributor of United E-Motor. Electric motorcycles from United will be exported to Malaysia in the near future. We are also exploring opportunities in other countries, which are showing increasingly positive prospects,’ he said in an official statement.

Andry stated that United Bike is already known in neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Australia. PT TDI has built the United brand and business for over 31 years, with a focus on export markets. This strong brand presence is undoubtedly an advantage for the company in marketing its products internationally.

‘We have decades of experience in exporting bicycles. We already have partner networks abroad. This is one of the good differentiators for United E-Motor compared to local competitors,’ Andry added

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TDI has an export-oriented approach, with the domestic market remaining a priority. However, United E-Motor is also targeted for export. PT TDI is committed to ensuring the supply of products, spare parts, and other services to dealers remains secure. The international market is strategically important for PT TDI to maintain more stable sales figures. With export targets in place, PT TDI is driven to make its electric motorcycles more high-quality, innovative, and competitive.

In the domestic market, PT TDI is currently expanding its market penetration in Java, Bali, Sumatra, and Sulawesi. Each province is typically handled by one or two authorized stores, and these authorized stores oversee several dealerships. The dealership format existing in Indonesia will also be replicated by PT TDI overseas.


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Electric motorcycle sales in Indonesia are continuously growing and improving. The government’s electrification program, which includes motorcycle subsidies, aims to boost the adoption of electric motorcycles in the market. United E-Motor Tech, under the umbrella of PT Terang Dunia Internusa, is striving to capture a share of the Indonesian electric motorcycle market. Offering four types of motorcycles with a range of prices from economical to premium is one of United E-Motor’s strategies to compete in the electric motorcycle market. The electric motorcycle types from United that have the potential for export are the United T1800, TX1800, TX3000, and MX1200. Check out the United E-Motor electric motorcycle types.