What Is the Trend in Electric Motorcycle Sales in Indonesia? Check Here!

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Electric motorcycle sales have been rapidly growing in recent years. Electric bikes/ motorcycles offer several enticing advantages for consumers and the environment. The primary reason is that electric motorcycles are an eco-friendly alternative as they do not produce harmful emissions into the air.

Furthermore, electric motorcycles are more fuel-efficient and have lower operational costs compared to fossil-fuel-powered motorcycles. Another advantage is their overall better performance, especially in terms of acceleration, and they operate more quietly.

Due to these reasons, electric motorcycle sales are continuously increasing. Many leading automotive manufacturers are entering the industry with various appealing models, providing consumers with more options that suit their needs and preferences.


Understanding the Electric Motorcycle Market in Indonesia

The electric motorcycle  market is the economic sector related to the production, distribution, and sales of motorcycles powered by electricity. This market has seen significant growth in recent years, driven by the shift towards more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient transportation solutions.

In Indonesia, the electric motorcycle market has also experienced growth. Government support in the form of policies and incentives has been a major driver of market expansion. The Indonesian government has set targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting the adoption of electric vehicles, including electric motorcycles.

This includes plans to improve charging infrastructure, provide tax incentives, and set stricter emission standards to encourage electric motorcycle manufacturers to enter the market. All of these efforts have resulted in impressive growth in electric motorcycle sales in Indonesia, making it one of the most promising markets in Southeast Asia.

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Consumers are eagerly seeking the United T-Series and MX-1200

The government’s targets for electric vehicle manufacturers aim to promote the growth of the electric vehicle industry and increase the adoption of electric vehicles by the public. The Indonesian government has set a plan to reach 13.5 million electric vehicle sales by 2030.

In 2020, there were only 1,947 electric vehicles in Indonesia, but by 2022, this number had surged to 25,782 units, an approximately 13-fold increase. This represents a 264 percent increase in just two years.

Here are some examples of targets that are generally set by the government:

Increased Electric Vehicle Production:
The government sets production targets for electric vehicle manufacturers to encourage higher production rates. The goal is to increase the availability of electric vehicles in the market.

  1. Emission and Efficiency Standards:
    The government can implement stricter emission standards and higher efficiency requirements for electric vehicle manufacturers. This is done to ensure that the produced electric vehicles meet environmental norms and provide better performance.
  2. Incentives:
    The government can offer financial incentives related to electric vehicle sales. These incentives can include purchase subsidies, tax deductions, and tax incentives, making electric vehicles more affordable for consumers.
  3. Technology Development:
    The development of more advanced technology in electric vehicle production can also be a government target. This includes increasing battery capacity, range, and efficiency. All of this can be achieved through research and development support.
  4. Infrastructure Improvement:
    The government can collaborate with electric vehicle manufacturers to expand charging infrastructure. Moreover, there should be more accessible charging locations. This would make the use of electric vehicles more convenient and practical for consumers. Additionally, battery swapping technology can also be a specific target for the government. As of 2023, the number of battery swapping stations in Indonesia reached 1,700 points, with a nearly 55 percent market share of electric motorcycles that use battery swapping.
  5. Export Market:
    Electric vehicle manufacturers can expand their export market with government support. Exporting these products to other countries will not only boost manufacturers’ revenue but also support national economic growth.

These government targets are usually set within a larger policy framework to support the development of electric vehicles, reduce emissions, and achieve sustainable goals. Collaboration between the government and electric vehicle manufacturers is crucial in achieving these targets and promoting wider electric vehicle adoption

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United E-Motor MX-1200 has become the best-selling affordable electric motorcycle product

The best-selling United motorcycle in September 2023 is the MX-1200 model.

One of the electric motorcycle units that experienced increased sales is the United E-Motor MX-1200. The MX-1200 series was born in September 2023.

This United E-Motor electric motorcycle series is considered the most economical while remaining suitable for daily use. It has a spacious and flat bottom design, sufficient for carrying large-sized items. There’s also an inner-side pocket for storing smaller items.

The MX-1200 is designed to be a versatile electric motorcycle. It has a low power consumption of only about 900 watts, and with Full LED headlights, it can peak at 2200 watts, supported by an efficient Brushless DC motor.

Additional features in the MX-1200 include a practical Keyless/Remote system and a Reverse Gear, making it easier to park, even in limited space. This electric motorcycle series can reach speeds of up to 65 km/h and has a range of up to 80 km per charge.


United MX-1200 has become the best-selling affordable electric motorcycle product 

With these various advantages, the United E-Motor MX-1200 is priced at only around Rp 15 million, specifically Rp 15,800,000 for the on-the-road price in DKI Jakarta. It’s very affordable, isn’t it?

There are many factors that affect the sales of electric motorcycles, both in Indonesia and in other countries. The primary reason is the increasing awareness of the importance of a clean and pollution-free environment. Electric motorcycles offer a solution to this issue.

If you are conscious of the importance of a clean, pollution-free environment and are interested in switching to an electric motorcycle, the MX-1200 could be the right choice. It’s suitable for use to go to campus, the office, and various other daily purposes.

In maintaining your electric motorcycle, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and adhere to the provided safety procedures. If you are unsure or encounter issues with your electric motorcycle, it’s advisable to consult an experienced technician. UNITED products are genuine Indonesian products that prioritize the best quality and come with a warranty. They are innovative and always adapt to the most up-to-date technology and are eco-friendly. Explore a variety of electric motorcycle options here.

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