Latest and Popular Electric Motorcycle Models in Indonesia

The development of new and latest electric motorcycle types and models has experienced a significant increase in recent years. Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers are competing to introduce innovations, both in design and features, to continuously meet consumer demands for more advanced vehicle technology, better performance, and more attractive designs.

With the improved battery endurance that allows for longer travel distances, the latest electric motorcycle models also offer acceleration and maximum speeds that catch the public’s attention. Their designs are becoming increasingly futuristic, with a sleek, aerodynamic, and modern appearance.

Moreover, the integration of smart technologies such as touchscreens, internet connectivity, and mobile apps provides a more connected and comfortable riding experience. All these developments together create the latest types of electric motorcycles that are appealing and cater to various user needs and preferences.

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The Best Electric Motorcycle Models in Indonesia: What Are They Like?

One common term used to describe popular and appealing electric motorcycle models is ‘cool.’ To qualify as a cool or attractive new electric motorcycle model, several factors come into play:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology and Innovation — The latest electric motorcycles showcase cutting-edge and innovative technology. This includes the development of more efficient batteries, advanced propulsion systems, and the integration of smart technologies like touchscreens, internet connectivity, and mobile apps. All of these aspects provide a modern and comfortable riding experience.
  • Superior Performance — Cool electric motorcycles are known for their outstanding performance. They offer quick and responsive acceleration, impressive top speeds, all without harmful emissions. This makes them appealing to vehicle enthusiasts seeking a combination of power and efficiency.
  • Futuristic Design — It’s no secret that cool electric motorcycles have up-to-date and stylish designs. A futuristic design for an electric motorcycle is very attractive to consumers, especially when combined with a sleek, aerodynamic, and modern appearance, giving it a sophisticated and cool look.
  • Environmentally Friendly — Electric vehicles are well-known for being environmentally friendly. Their ability to produce zero harmful emissions makes them look cool and attractive to those concerned about environmental issues.
  • Silent and Noise-Free — Electric motorcycles don’t produce noisy engine sounds. This provides a quieter and more comfortable riding experience, which many people find cool.
  • Connectivity and Smart Features — The latest electric motorcycles are often equipped with high connectivity technology and smart features. This makes it easier for users to connect with their smart devices, providing real-time driving information and even allowing control of some vehicle functions through mobile apps.
The network of electric motorcycle stores under the United brand is expanding across Indonesia.

All these factors combined create the latest electric motorcycle models that are attractive and cutting-edge. These models are considered cool by a wide range of vehicle enthusiasts and consumers.”

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Latest Electric Motorcycle Models Popular in the Indonesia Market

There are two main types of the latest electric motorcycle models that have gained a lot of fans and enthusiasts. The first type includes electric motorcycles designed for daily use, offering safety and comfort for everyday commuting. The second type consists of electric motorcycles suitable for long-distance rides.

United E-Motor offers several new electric motorcycle model series that cater to the desires of consumers. Here are the featured series:

1. United E-Motor MX-1200: The Latest Electric Motorcycle Model Ideal for Daily Use

Many people admire this model as the United E-Motor MX-1200 proves to be a perfect alternative for daily commuting needs. It’s versatile, suitable for commuting to work, college, shopping, leisurely rides in the evening, or even for school runs.

The MX-1200 is designed as a cutting-edge electric motorcycle model with excellent battery life, featuring a 72V 20A battery capacity. It can provide a maximum range of up to 80 kilometers on a single battery charge.

motor listrik murah

Moreover, the MX-1200 offers additional advantages, including a spacious lower deck, a comfortable seat, and ensures comfort even when riding with a passenger. The vehicle is equipped with a safe charging system and comes with a cooling fan to prevent overheating.

Considering all the advanced features and innovations it offers, it’s no wonder why United E-Motor MX-1200 is referred to as the latest and incredibly cool electric motorcycle model, right?”


2. United E-Motor TX-3000: The Latest Electric Motorcycle Model with Dual Battery

The United E-Motor TX-3000 is currently recognized as the best new electric motorcycle model in Indonesia, and this acknowledgment is backed by strong reasons. First, the TX-3000 series boasts impressive power, with a rating of 4200W. With such high power, it effortlessly generates remarkable torque, reaching 145 N.m at 125 rpm.

In addition to its outstanding performance, the electric motorcycle’s body design is elegantly modern. Its sporty styling, complemented by attractive color choices, adds to its cool factor. It outperforms other United E-Motor models with a top speed of up to 90 km/h.

The primary reason why this electric motorcycle is considered incredibly cool is that the United E-Motor TX-3000 uses two batteries simultaneously (dual battery). Dual batteries provide safety and peace of mind, especially for long journeys, reducing the risk of running out of battery in the middle of the road.

With a single charge, the TX-3000 can achieve a maximum range of up to 120 kilometers. You might be wondering whether having a larger power capacity and dual batteries means a longer charging time. The answer is no. Charging both batteries from 0% to 80% takes approximately 4 hours.





With all these impressive specifications, it’s priced in the range of around Rp50 million. This price is still considered affordable and offers a great balance between comfort and security in this latest electric motorcycle model, don’t you think?

Between the two options mentioned earlier, which electric motorcycle model caught your attention? Don’t forget to consider other factors before making a decision. This includes personal needs and the budget you have available.

To ensure the upkeep of your electric motorcycle, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and adhere to provided safety procedures. If you’re unsure or encounter any issues with your electric motorcycle, it’s best to consult with an experienced technician. UNITED products are genuinely Indonesian, prioritizing the best product quality and warranties, embracing innovation, keeping up with the latest technology, and being eco-friendly. Explore various electric motorcycle options here.